Mansion, Robe, & Crown

This world is not my home. I’m just passing through. But while I’m here…

My Mansion is the Schools I work in. I love teaching. I love serving my students.

My Robe is my infamous green bathrobe! Lol. My favorite article of clothing.

My Crown is my hair. & the positive comments & compliments & thoughts that float around in my brain everyday.

A Tree is known by it’s Fruit.
I’m blessed to be an educator because the fruits of my labor are my students. Hopefully I can inspire some to bear some good fruit of their own. To embrace their earthly Mansion, Robe, & Crown, whatever that might be to them.

My Natural Hair

Lol I love that I can just throw some water, oil, & moisturizing butter on my hair & it comes alive! It’s like a completely different creature. 😂
My hair is like temperpedic memory foam. It’s a sponge, but holds the shape of how I mold it.
Most the time I can go 5-7days without washing, but I think the longest was 14-16 days.
My hair takes about 3 days to completely stretch from it’s washngo state.
I love my hair. ❤️